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Title : 6th International Conference, "Keeping Children and Young People Safe Online" in Poland

Location :

Date : 20 September 2012 to 21/9/2012

the Polish (Nobody’s Children Foundation – Affiliate Groups of ECPAT and NASK) and German (klicksafe)Safer Internet Centers, established within the European Commission’s Safer Internet Programme, hosted experts from all over Europe, who are dealing with issues of using the Internet by kids and children with 57 speakers, and nearly 600 participants from over 20 countries attending in Warsaw, Poland. This 6th International Conference themed "Keeping Children and Young People Safe Online" had representatives from the education sector, NGOs, justice law enforcement, and Internet service and content providers. The agenda of the Conference tackled comprehensively the issues related to the Internet use by children and young people. The topics discussed included inter alia, the challenges for the safety of children associated with the digital media convergence, e-commerce and the increasing popularity of mobile applications. The presentation of educational tools, targeted to both children and their parents, constituted an important event in the Conference agenda. The ECPAT International Regional Associate for CIS was invited as a speaker to present “ECPAT project on Certification of Safe Internet in schools of CIS region” during the “Online Safety Education” session.

Title : Hotline Workshop

Location : Taipei, Taiwan

Date : 20 May 2010 to 22/05/2010

A capacity-building training workshop on Internet-based reporting hotlines was held in Taipei, Taiwan on 20-22 May 2010.

The workshop brought together ECPAT members and partners in Asia who plan to run a hotline, along with relevant experts of existing hotlines, such as ECPAT Sweden, ECPAT Taiwan, ECPAT New Zealand, and Meldpunt Kinderporno in the Netherlands.

Experts discussed best practices and participants learned about the process of setting up and starting hotlines. The workshop showcased the need for collaboration between the law, ISPs, hotlines, and phone companies.

Title : Council of Europe Cybercrime Conference

Location : Strasbourg, France

Date : 23 March 2010 to 25/03/2010

In March 2010 ECPAT was invited to speak at the Council of Europe Cybercrime Conference in Strasbourg, France.

The IT Programme Officer presented on child protection online and advised on development of national strategies as a part of the International Telecommunications Union global child protection initiative. He also highlighted emerging challenges, such as open Wi-Fi networks, tools that allow anonymous access to the Internet and their implications, and issues with the current setup of WHOIS database.

Title : Internet Governance Forum (IGF)

Location : Egypt

Date : 15 November 2009 to 18/11/2009

ECPAT International participated in the annual Internet Governance Forum (IGF) from 15-18 November 2009 in Egypt, organised by the UN with the support of International Telecommunication Union.

The ECPAT International IT Programme Officer spoke about online child protection, presenting the progress and challenges related to the work against the sexual exploitation of children in cyberspace, in addition to participating as a panelist in a number of discussions, including: The Global Path for Ensuring Child Protection and Online Safety, Effective Strategies and Specific Actions; Children in the Age of Mobile Access: The Promises of Internet Co-examined with the Increasing Challenges to Child Safety; and Child Online Safety Indicators: Measuring the Unmeasurable?

The IT Programme Officer also participated in a meeting with Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) representatives and other international delegates to discuss strategic developments, the protection of children online, and policy issues that require attention at a technical level.

ECPAT International is the coordinator for the Dynamic Coalition on Child Online Safety at IGF and is responsible for coordinating the coalition’s activities with the IGF Secretariat.

Title : Combating Child Pornography in the Republic of Moldova

Location : Moldova

Date : 09 July 2009 to

The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) Mission to Moldova hosted a roundtable discussion on the “Efforts to Combat Child Pornography in the Republic of Moldova.” The discussion was organised as an initiative of the Network of National Organizations fighting against child prostitution and trafficking.

Supported by ECPAT International, CCF Moldova gave a presentation on the regional overview of “Child Sexual Abuse Images through the Use of Information and Communication Technologies” and La Strada Moldova discussed cases of the online abuse of children in Moldova. The plenary discussions focused on necessary action steps to improve the legislation of article 208/1 on child pornography and raise awareness on the issue. Participants of the round table agreed to gather in September 2009 to discuss the progress and establish new objectives.

For further information, contact olhas@ecpat.net.

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