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Title : Combating Child Pornography in the Republic of Moldova

Location : Moldova

Date : 09 July 2009 to

The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) Mission to Moldova hosted a roundtable discussion on the “Efforts to Combat Child Pornography in the Republic of Moldova.” The discussion was organised as an initiative of the Network of National Organizations fighting against child prostitution and trafficking.

Supported by ECPAT International, CCF Moldova gave a presentation on the regional overview of “Child Sexual Abuse Images through the Use of Information and Communication Technologies” and La Strada Moldova discussed cases of the online abuse of children in Moldova. The plenary discussions focused on necessary action steps to improve the legislation of article 208/1 on child pornography and raise awareness on the issue. Participants of the round table agreed to gather in September 2009 to discuss the progress and establish new objectives.

For further information, contact olhas@ecpat.net.

Title : Child Abuse Training: Internet Safety

Location : Belarus

Date : 16 June 2009 to

Experts from Children – Not for Abuse conducted a training workshop on the safety of children on the Internet for experts from the Academy for Advanced Studies in Minsk, Belarus.

Attended by school teachers, the training focused on rules and safe conduct on the Internet for children. The workshop was held with the assistance of the representative office of Microsoft in Belarus.

For further information, contact olhas@ecpat.net.

Title : Child Internet Safety Training

Location : Ukraine

Date : 10 June 2009 to

ECPAT International’s CIS Associate conducted a training session in Kirovograd, Ukraine on Internet Safety for Children as part of a project between ECPAT International and the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

Thirty participants – including computer teachers from 26 regions of Ukraine – took part in this educational course to further disseminate the information among teachers in their regions. Participants engaged in interactive activities and lively discussion. At the end of the workshop all participants received a certificate and a Training Guide.

Title : 'make-IT-safe' Training

Location : Togo, Africa

Date : 08 June 2009 to

ECPAT International began an awareness raising campaign to make–IT-safe in Lomé, Togo, gathering children and young activists to conduct a training workshop on commercial sexual exploitation and its linkages to information and communication technology (ICT).

Fifty activists visited nine cybercafes in different areas of Lomé, inviting managers of these establishments to adopt codes of conduct and measures to protect children and young users of ICTs from sexual exploitation.

Posters, leaflets, stickers, and t-shirts were distributed to managers and owners, and a follow-up visit was carried out two weeks after the campaign workshop to monitor changes in the safety of children at these cybercafes.

For further information, contact melanieg@ecpat.net

Title : Protecting Children in Cyberspace

Location : Cameroon

Date : 16 May 2009 to

The International Day of Telecommunications and Information Security was celebrated in Cameroon on May 16, 2009. The theme of the day's event was “Protecting Children in Cyberspace.”

As part of the commemoration, the Cameroonian Minister for Telecommunications organised a conference at the Ministry, inviting children and child rights organisations, such as ASSEJA, to attend. The Minister asked for input from over 200 children and made recommendations for the protection of children from sexual predators on the Internet.

For further information, contact melanieg@ecpat.net.

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